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This page is designed to be a resource for the correct spelling of Erfworld vocabulary. Copy the text below and paste it into a temporary post to the forums. You can then right click on any red-underlined text and add the word to your spellcheck dictionary. This page does not include names that have standard spellings, for example Ace Hardware is not listed while Betsy Murgatroyd is, because Ace's name is already in spellcheck dictionaries. Certain words that are spelled like they are in Stupidworld (For Example Paige Downs) are listed as they may be easily misspelled.


Erf, Erfworld, Battlespace, Thinkspace, Thinkagram, Arkentool, Uncroaked, Decrypted, automagically


Adderall Hawk, Barton, Betsy Murgatroyd, Cubbins, Delphie Temple, Jack Snipe, Janis Atlantis, Jeftichew, Komatsu, Marie Lavraie, Maxwell, Maya Calendar, Moothfott, Orwell, Sizemore Rockwell, Teddy Clothespin, Uhura, Wanda Firebaugh,


King Banhammer, Queen Bea, King Dickie, Overlord Firebaugh, Wanda Firebaugh, King Slately, King Tramennis, Jillian Zamussels


Larry Ansell, Adam Antium, Belzon, Vinny Doombats, Al Frappacino, Parson Gotti, Sir Leeroy Jenkins, Mack Ramay, Christian Sidehug, Jillian Zamussels

Chief Warlord

Prince Ansom, Caesar Borgata, Atomic Firebaugh, Pom Fritz, Parson Gotti, Prince Ossomer, Prince Tramennis, Banhammer, Tarfu, Vurp


Bogroll, Carnie, Chynna, Fud, Funnyface, LaVerne, Maxene, Mung, Sagittari, Uggymug, Zhopa

Axis & Disciplines

Hocus Pocus, Findamancy, Predictamancy, Mathamancy, Spookism, Turnamancy, Dollamancy, Weirdomancy, Stuffamancy, Dirtamancy, Changemancy, Dittomancy, Eyemancy, Lookamancy, Thinkamancy, Foolamancy, Hippiemancy, Flower Power, Signamancy, Date-a-mancy, Naughtymancy, Shockmancy, Croakamancy, Retconjuration, Stagemancy, Hat Magic, Carnymancy, Rhyme-o-mancy, Clevermancy, Luckamancy, Healomancy, Moneymancy


Anchorbar, Bananastan, Bennifer, Bullyclub, Brangelina, Carpool, Charlescomm, Cheeseburg, Dagwood, Delkey, Dogfort, Faq, Easteros, el-Efbaum, Firstpost, Follywood, Foxmud, Frenemy, Gobwin Knob, Goodminton, Haffaton, Haggar, Hobbittm, Homekey, Hyatt, Jetstone, Jitterati, Milquetoast, Metroland, Napster, Numloch, Paige Downs, Protip, Quisling, Rightshoring, Seaworld, Swanstone, Squashcourt, Tapwater, Transylvito, Unaroyal, Unisom, Westeregg, Woodshole

Demonym forms

Carpudlian, Transylvitian


Golem, Golems, Dwagon, Dwagons, Marbit, Marbits, Gobwin, Gobwins, Orly, Orlies, Twoll, Twolls, Megalogwiff, Megalogwiffs, Goyle, Goyles, Hobgobwin, Hobgobwins, Moll, Molls, Makaleka, Archon, Archons, Gump, Gumps