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The Erfworld IRC channel is a online real-time chat channel for casual conversation by Erfworld readers, and sometimes the creators of Erfworld. Discussion happens on most any topic someone brings up, Erfworld and otherwise, and can be at any time of the day.

It can be found at

Getting Started

You can join in just by opening the above URL, putting in a nickname, and clicking "Connect". After a short delay to load, you'll be there and able to join in the conversation. If nothing's going on right away, say "Hi!" or something, and if people are around they'll reply. People often do other stuff while the channel is quiet, so it's worth waiting a few minutes for them to notice.

If you like the channel and want to stick around, you can keep the tab open in the background and check back occasionally. If you prefer, you can also connect using an IRC client to (Port 6667), and join #erfworld.


The first rule of the Erfworld IRC channel is "don't be a dick". This is similar to the forums.

There is an important second rule, "do not quote Word of God outside this channel". This forbids quoting anything the creators say outside the channel, or as canon, so they don't have to worry about causing speculation with everything they say. Specifically, if Rob Balder on IRC makes a statement, it should not be quoted as he is the author of Erfwiki.

There are others who work with Rob, and may also be included in this prohibition.


Help on the IRC channel can be provided via the forums or in the channel itself. Namegduf manages technical issues and operation, and can be contacted via either for any queries or problems.