Erfworld Geography

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Erfworld Geography
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Erfworld has the many Terrain Types, paralleling the terrain of the real world.


We know only a little about where various Cities and Sides are located, relative to each other. As yet there has been no large-scale map of Erfworld in the comic. However, we do know a little about locations.

There are a few locations known by their hex coordinates. One, location X: -1214 Y: 455, is presumably quite near to Gobwin Knob. Second, location X: -1181 Y: 550, is the city of Charlescomm. Third, location X:-1156 Y:398, is the city of Spacerock. Declaration of Non-Aggression Between Charlescomm and Gobwin Knob

There are six or seven hundred mountain hexes within range of a 56-move Dwagon based at Gobwin Knob. That's counting valley hexes as one move, mountain hexes as two moves, and high mountain hexes as three moves.First Intermission 35

Faq is north of Transylvito and is relatively close to it.IPTSF Text 28 The seaport city of Aqua Velva is part of Transylvito. To the southwest of Faq lies the city of of Carport. Jitterati is to its northwest and Gobwin Knob is to its east.

Unaroyal bordered on Gobwin Knob's east until its conquest, and was the side to take Warchalking, which is slightly east of Gobwin Knob. It also shared a border with Jetstone. The city of Unabrow is near the capital City of Unaroyal, and about 200 hexes from the capital city of Gobwin Knob.

Jetstone did not originally border Gobwin Knob, but does do so now that most of Unaroyal's former territory has been taken over by Gobwin Knob. Jetstone's nearest cities to Gobwin Knob are Bridgestone and Firestone.

Haggar is east of Jetstone, with Pantstown as a frequent disputed city between them. Near the border are Oshkosh, Sansabelt and Toughskin on the Haggar side.

Far to the south are the Southern Desert Wastes, where Dagwood exists (or existed), along with the side run by Lord Shelby the Cobra.

Charlie mentions that no Royal side West or South of him will talk to him, suggesting that he is to the North and East of the members of the Royal Crown Coalition.


The geographic arrangement of Erfworld sides has some similarities to the relative positions of American cities.

Faq and Queen Jillian have as their natural allies the Western Giants - which are styled after the San Francisco Giants baseball team. Their east-Asian raiment fits with San Francisco's high Asian population, while King Banhammer's philosophical bubble kingdom matches with the US city's reputation as a liberal ivory tower (much like the white marble tower serving as Faq's garrison).

Faq's neighbor to the north, Jitterati, is styled after Starbucks Coffee, a Seattle-based chain. Transylvito is to the south of Faq and bears some likeness to the lavish excess of a Las Vegas Casino. It is also worth noting that Transylvito is partially styled on Mario Puzo's "The Godfather", wherein the Corleone family relocate their operation to the city of Las Vegas.

Gobwin knob is located to the east of all these cities; this fits with its barren and mountainous terrain type, which is most similar to the American southwest and rocky mountain region.

Unaroyal, on the far side of Gobwin Knob and possibly to its east, had a chief warlord named K.C. This name was interpreted by readers as a reference to the Kansas City Royals, a team from a U.S. location to the east of all other possibly analagous regions.