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A Stub is a very short article that doesn't contain enough information for the average reader. The page you were just reading was probably a stub. You can help the wiki grow by pressing the "back" button and writing more to the article. Remember, the wiki relies completely on edits from volunteers. To help others find stubs, if you create an article that is a stub, or run across one while you're editing, add {{stub}} to the page. Doing so will display this:

Nobby erfwiki.png This article is a stub. You can help Erfwiki by expanding it.

There are differnt stub messages and categories for different types of stub.

  • {{stub}} is the general catch all stub category.
  • {{stub|Characters}} is for articles about characters that are stubs.

More can be added if you visit the template page and add them.

Featured Stubs

To help improve the wiki, a few stubs will be featured on the Main Page. Generally, things liked to from the main page get more edits than things hiding in the wiki. If you've created a stub and want other people to help you finish it, a good way to get more attention is to add the stub to the featured article section.

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