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Forked Fanon is fan-created material that conflicts with existing Erfworld Canon. This material may unwittingly have been created with a conflict, or may have been rendered invalid by a newly introduced piece of canon. Either way, such fan material is now Forked Up.

Forked up material that can be reintegrated to make sense again becomes Fanon again, and all is well. Forked up material that may never be integrated (for example, a short story about Bogroll's life after the Battle for Gobwin Knob) becomes Banon.

Moving an article to Banon

If a fan article has been made public by the creator, the editors of the wiki should decide as a group if an article is rescuable or not, and move it to Banon if it is not. However, if an author has laid personal claim to his or her fanfiction, editors should try to respect that claim even if it means leaving an article forked up interminably. That said, if a fanon article is completely and irreconcilably forked up, such as the Bogroll fanfiction described above, editors may take it on themselves to move it to banon despite the author's wishes. Whatever the case, we should all Assume Good Faith.