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Fan-created material that can be accepted within the current state of Erfworld canon is termed "fanon".

Terms of Use

"Fanon" is a wiki categorical term, and does not reflect terms of use of fan-created materal. Please read the Terms of use and Guidelines for fan art for terms of use on this site before uploading any fan created content.

Conflicts with Canon

Fan-created material that conflicts with Canon material is Forked Up. Forked Up material may be modified to fit the canon; if the differences are irreconcilable, the material becomes Banon.

Rejected Fanon

As stated in the Guidelines for fan art, The Creators and their appointed representatives on Earth may designate fan material as inappropriate to Erfworld, for any arbitrary reason they see fit. Material that has been declared inappropriate may be deleted without requesting permission. This includes, but is not limited to, violations of copyright, trademark infringement, or inappropriate use of the Erfworld characters.

Third party Edits

Please note that under the policies of this Wiki, it is not possible to prevent other contributors from modifying your fan created content. To ensure nothing is done to your content that you do not wish to happen, please ensure you keep a local back-up, and keep "Watch" on your page, so that if it is maliciously modified, you are made aware. This should not be used to restore any content deemed inappropriate by the creators or their representatives.

Claiming Credit

You may use the fanon template to declare yourself the creator of work you originated. This does not, as stated above, constitute any particular rights to that work. That said, other editors should try to respect a creator's intentions with his/her work, within reason, and creators should assume good faith among editors of their work. Let's all get along.

Examples of Fanon Pages on the Erfworld Wiki