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Proposed Canon

An enforcement council, also known as a Quorum of the Qualified is formed to put casters on trial when they try to break the rules of the Magic Kingdom, such as by crossing an enemy portal without permission. This council is formed by certain casters designated as "Qualified", who vote on the trial's outcome.

Known punishments include loss of qualification in the case of disgraced qualified, banishment from the Magic Kingdom, and for particularly egregious crimes, execution.

Known Trials

Trial of Wanda Firebaugh

Janis defending Wanda in front of the jury, pg. 156

There was a Quorum of the Qualified held in Magic Kingdom after the Battle of Portal Park, lasting from turn 89 AW to 96 AW. Wanda Firebaugh along with other Gobwin Knob units in the Magic Kingdom were charged with breaking the MK rules and croaking free casters.

The process was elongated and stagnated by Janis Atlantis advocating for the defendants and Thinkamancers dragging the procedures. The trial resolved after the Grand Bargain was struck and Akrentools were deemed OP. The execution of the accused was to be held in the Stuffamancy section of the Magic Kingdom, near the Dirtamansion

The jury

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