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Radiant Magical Empress Snacki Saltina
Race: Men
Faction: Magic Kingdom (Great Minds that Think Alike)
Class: Caster (Adept of Thinkamancy)
Rank and Titles: Empress, Radiant Magical Empress
Level: 6
Special: Royal



Side of Origin: Dystokyo
Age: 6,700 turns

Empress Saltina is one of a tiny handful of casters in the Magic Kingdom who ever ruled a side. She led Dystokyo until it fell to the Margarine Empire 1,300 turns ago.

Saltina was a favorite of the Imperial court of Dystokyo, almost from the turn she popped. She leveled quickly, proving her usefulness time and again as counsel and confidant to Emperor Scup, who ultimately promoted her to a position as Chief Thinkamancer and made her his heir.

Scup fell in a battle that he was advised by his Predictamancer not to lead. Saltina found herself occupying the throne, with enemies closing in for the final blow. Ill-equipped to lead a war, she also attempted to direct a battle herself, only to be stranded in the field as her capital fell.

Thus captured by the notoriously slippery tactics of Imperial Margarine, she was taken prisoner and held at the capital. She refused to turn, though, and eventually escaped by means of a Thinkamancy suggestion. She fled through Margarine's portal into the Magic Kingdom, where she has since remained.

Preferring to offer her services to other casters rather than hire out to a side, Saltina is one of the better-known Thinkamancers around the Magic Kingdom. She retains her full title and formal raiment. Despite its proscription, there are rumors that she may be interested in founding a new Dystokyo someday.[1]

Proposed Canon

In the magic Kingdom there is much thought and little action. Outside the Magic Kingdom the reverse is true.

First Appearance: LIAB 58:10

Empress Saltina is a Thinkamancer and one of the Great Minds.

She is a strong advocate of the conspiracy revolving around Parson Gotti.[2]

Real World References

She is a reference to Fire Emblem character Empress Sanaki, and her ancestor, Altina.

Her name is possibly also a reference to Saltine, a type of cracker. This is somewhat supported by her name, Snacki.


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Preceded by:
Emperor Scup
Ruler of Dystokyo Succeeded by:
None, Side destroyed