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Proposed Canon

First Appearance: WB2014 Duke Forecastle - Part 21

Eagle Keys is a Noble side in Erfworld and a colony of Seaworld. It was founded shortly after the Battle of the Storm Hex when Duke Forecastle "luckily" discovered an unclaimed Capital Site on the return voyage to Seaworld.

Eagle Keys has to send most of its income in tribute to Seaworld. As such, it does not have the resources to spare for conquest or upgrading its cities.


Eagle Keys has a total of 3 cities. It is protected by seaward cliffs and an array of six fireball catapults, emplaced along the seaward side to the east and at the southeastern point.

Current Inhabitants

Former Inhabitants

Real World References

Eagle Keys is presumably a reference to Eagle Keys, a Canadian football player and coach.

Also, considering the notably British signamancy of Seaworld, and the eagle as a symbol, Eagle Keys is probably a reference to the colonies that later became the United States.