Eagle’s Gift

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Eagle's Gift
Capital City
Side: Eagle Keys
Level: 2

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: WB2014 Duke Forecastle - Part 21

Eagle's Gift is the capital of the side of Eagle Keys and a port. Governor Joseph Forecastle makes his home there. The city itself is high above the sea below, sitting atop high white cliffs, with seven rough stone hewn staircases leading to the port harbor and shipyards below.

It has six Fireball catapults for defense, which along with terrain bonuses from the sea cliffs have made it very defensible to attack by sea.

As a colony, it has only a small number of troops guarding it, shipwrights for ship construction and repair, and a few courtiers as servants.

Once it was upgraded to a level two, it gained a tower, palace, more buildings, and olive trees and vegetable gardens.

It was named after the parting Luckmancy gift to Forecastle by the Double eagle, allowing him to easily turn several Anchorbar prisoners to his new side.