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Proposed Canon

Dystokyo was a Royal side that was ruled over by Emperor Scup.

Dystokyo warred with a side called Imperial Margarine. Emperor Scup fell in a battle his Predictamancer advised him not to lead, leaving the side to Saltina. Saltina tried to lead the battle directly, but in the meantime, the capital fell, leaving her stranded in the field. Imperial Margarine managed to capture her, but she refused to turn and eventually escaped into the Magic Kingdom.

There are rumors that Empress Saltina is interested in creating a new Dystokyo someday, in spite of the fact that the Magic Kingdom strictly forbids its inhabitants from doing such a thing.



Real World References

Dystokyo is a reference to the capital city of the country where the Fire Emblem games were made, Tokyo. It is also a pun on the word dystopia.