Dylan Fugue

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Dylan Fugue
Race: Men
Faction: Opencola
Class: Caster (Rhyme-o-mancer)

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: Dylan and Thomas - Part 1

Dylan Fugue is a low-level, clumsy, and harassed Rhyme-o-mancer of Opencola.

Tasked with writing an epic poem about his side's chief warlord Thomas Gunn by the side's Overlady Bibi. The Epic Poem spell will give the side a boost "as if the chief warlord had leveled up". Dylan's fate as a unit supposedly hang in the balance depending on his production of the poem. Unfortunately for Dylan he is too low level of a caster to create the poem from rumor and must meet with and get to know his subject. However, Thomas Gunn had been avoiding the capital of Opencola and thus prevented Dylan from starting his work.

Gunn travels back to the capital city and Dylan attempts to get his attention at the gates of the city. Gunn rushes by him and the rest of the welcome party, foiling Dylan's plans to force him to agree to an interview.

Dylan resigns himself to the missed opportunity and travels back to the tower to talk with his friend Chester Drawers. There they decide to make an attempt at dinner.