Dwop Bear

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This page describes Fanon-level fan-created material. It does not conflict with Erfworld Canon, but it is not official. This material was created by Charles.
Dwop Bear
Class: Heavy Unit
Move: 10
Hits: 7
Combat: 6
Defense: 5
Special: Forest-capable, shockamancy


A Dwop Bear is a Forest-capable, Heavy Unit with a natural shockamancy ability that stuns its prey in the first round of combat when fighting in dense or light forest hexes. Their appearance is that of a well-built Koala, about the size of a large leopard, with orange fur and a bad attitude. Speewah Is the only known side to pop them but they also occur as a "wild" unit, popping randomly in the forest hexes of certain parts of Erfworld in and around Speewah, far south of the X-axis.

Dwop Bears can be "plated" (armored, like horse barding).

Known Dwop Bear Users

So far the only faction known to use Dwop Bears is the Speewah faction led by Sir Bazza Everage. Although Dwop Bears do not have the Mount special, the Heir of Speewah, Tazzy Van Diemen, is the only known unit capable of mounting and riding them.

Additional Information

Dwop Bears have the Forest-capable special which allows them to move through light and dense forest hexes, but in addition, they are also capable of climbing trees and even walls and buildings.

Dwop Bears have the Shockamancy special, but it is only a natural shockamancy ability which expresses it's self in their ability to stun enemy units in the initial round of combat by dropping onto their heads from trees. This ability can only be performed in forest hexes.

Dwop Bears can be harvested for rations.

Real World References

Dwop Bears are based on the Australian, predatory marsupial, the Drop Bear.