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Erfworld dwinks!

Candy Corn Shot

Not strictly Erfworld, but: 1/2 shot vanilla rum, 1/3 shot vanilla schnapps, 1/6 barenjager honey liqueur, and a candy corn. Hold the liquor in your mouth as you chew the candy corn, then swallow.

Lord Manpower the Temporary

<RobTitan> It's a zombie, substituting Ke-Ke key lime liqueur for amaretto.

Specifically, at Capclave '09, it was made with 1 part Cruzan Vanilla Rum, 1 part Ke-Ke, and 8 parts Bacardi Zombie mix.

You will be able to taste key lime pie.


Vinny's Dwink is 3 Parts Sambuca, 2 Parts Frangelico, and 2 Parts Coke

(Perhaps Bacardi should be added?)


Kiwi liqueur, vodka or flavored rum (uncertain), and white grape juice


Vodka, cranberry juice, orange juice, and sparkling white grape juice

Alternative: The "frequent wardrobe change" Wanda: take whatever you have, mix it together, Wanda!


Creme de menthe, spearmint leaves, martini. Remove spearmint before drinking.


Vodka out of a glass you make yourself.