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Duncan Scone
Race: Men
Faction: Faq, formerly Jitterati
Class: Warlord
Level: 6
Special: Leadership

Proposed Canon

"I don't give a stray bit of snot for Royalty. I've yet to see evidence that the Queen does, either."

Strengths: Confidence, Following Orders

Weaknesses: Keeping His Head Warm

First Appearance: LIAB Prologue 28

Duncan Scone was Faq's Chief Warlord. When captured in 51 AW, he was a level 6 Warlord, described as a mocha-skinned bald man.

Formerly a Jitterati unit, he was in command of Valdez's defenses when Jillian, Vinny, and their forces attacked.

He agreed to Parley with Jillian, who then induced Jitterati's natural allies, the Western Giants, to switch allegiances to Faq. She then captured him, and he was later turned to Faq by Vanna.

Duncan possesses a magic item called the Laurel of Napster, which was created thousands of turns ago by a tri-link between a Thinkamancer, Hat Magician and Date-a-mancer. It gives him an intuitive feel for how any two units might interact.

Duncan was croaked by Georgia Power in the Battle of I'm Coming for you Stanley.


Duncan doesn't seem bothered by his sudden changing of sides and takes his new job as Chief Warlord quite seriously. In fact, he butts heads with Jillian occasionally over her insistence on leading fights over him. Even with his Signamancy of being bald, he seems to be full of Life.

Real World References

His name is a homonym for "Dunking Scone" or perhaps "Dunkin'," a reference to a baked treat often taken with coffee and the manner in which it is enjoyed. Additionally, his name could also reference the coffee shop/baked good chain "Dunkin' Donuts". His skin is mocha-colored, again referencing coffee either a bean from Yemen or a type of drink, and he used to wear Jitterati's livery of white with a circular green symbol, a reference to Starbucks.

His name may also be a reference to the episode of the TV version of Highlander in which Duncan MacLeod returns the Stone of Scone to Scotland.

He looks impeccably similar to Lobot, the Vice Administrator of Cloud City from Star Wars, thanks to his laurel.

In Macbeth, Macbeth is crowned at Scone, after killing King Duncan.

May also be a reference to Duncan Idaho, from the Dune series, who initially serves as an Atreides warlord, and later as a Mentat.

Preceded by:
Princess Jillian Zamussels
Chief Warlord of Faq Succeeded by:
None, position empty