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Proposed Canon

First Appearance: LIAB 80

A Double is a copy of a humanoid or non-humanoidLIAB Text 48 unit created via Dittomancy. Doubles have the same specials, stats, personality, memories, senses and appearance as their originals. In fact, so far it has been impossible to tell a double from its original by casual observationHvs.tCF 85, and the double itself doesn't necessarily know either.LIAB 80, LIAB 88

It costs juice to duplicate the equipment and magic items a unit may be carrying, so the spell caster must choose whether to duplicate a unit with all, some, or none of their gear.Hvs.tCF 85

A double doesn't croak or leave a body behind when defeated, but instead will "poof" away in a puff of air.LIAB 106 A double can survive the croaking of its original,LIAB 88, but it will de-pop at the beginning of the side's next turn.LIAB 89

The double of a Ruler can act as the Ruler if the original croaksLIAB 80, although the side will fall if there is no heir when the double de-pops.LIAB 89 The double has the ability to designate heirs, and may do so even after the croaking of its original.LIAB 91


Since Parson leveled up after shortly after banishing a duplicate of Slately, defeating a duplicate seems to give experience.

The juice cost to duplicate a unit may depend on the level and type of unit. For example, it may cost more to duplicate a level 10 warlord than a warlord at level 1, or a Dwagon than a Marbit.