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Base template

The basic unit in Erfworld is the Infantry unit or piker.

Infantry Unit
Attack: 3
Defense: 2
Move: 10
Special: none
Upkeep: 10 shmuckers per turn

To this can be applied various Templates which alter its stats, and add/remove specials.

Combining Multiple Templates

When having a template that adds/subtracts from a stat, and one that multiplies/divides by that same stat, the adding/ substacting one is always resolved first.


Heavy Unit

Attack: +2
Defense +2
Upkeep: +8

Special: Heavy
Heavies cannot enter tunnels or ride mounts unless specifically noted. Heavies can be used as mounts.

Flying unit

Upkeep: *1.5

Special: Flying
Fliers can enter all hexes apart from high or low mountains as though travelling along a road.


Attack: +2
Defense: +1
Upkeep: +4

Special: Knight
Knights can ride mounts.


Attack: Halved
Defense: Halved
Upkeep: -4