Don-Caesar Relationship

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Don King is used to being disappointed by his Heirs. He did not get along with his Royal daughter, and his Royal son tried to have him assassinated. So after both of his children were croaked, he decided to change how his kingdom was organized and simplified things. He dropped some of the fru-fru of nobility and kept what was useful. He appointed a minor Noble named Caesar Borgata as his Chief Warlord and Heir, Don King said he did so because Caesar earned it. At first, Caesar seemed much better qualified to rule than either of Don's children had been. He was a very capable Chief Warlord and earned the respect of Transylvito's Warlords and troops on his own merits and accomplishments.

However, following the Battle for Gobwin Knob, Don King has again started to rethink the importance of royalty. Stanley claims a titanic mandate and that royalty is obsolete. Especially after the croaking of Queen Bea of Unaroyal, he places much greater importance of royalty. Unfortunately now he has a low ranking noble as an heir. The close relationship the two enjoyed before the Battle for Gobwin Knob has been divided by disagreement. Caesar is opposed to Don King bleeding all of Transylvito's resources to Faq. Transylvito is threatened on all sides because they can no longer defend themselves against kingdoms like Carpool who previously posed no threat.

In Don's view, Caesar doesn't appreciate the magnitude of the problem posed by Gobwin Knob. Don is probably also aware that Caesar feels a bitter antagonism towards Queen Jillian of Faq, despite the fact that Don has made it clear Jillian plays an important role in his plans. Don has rethought the wisdom of downplaying the importance of royalty and appointing Caesar heir designate. He has decided to pop a new Royal Heir to take Caesar's place. Don has not yet communicated with Caesar whether he will also be replaced as Chief Warlord. Caesar seriously suspects that Don tried to have him croaked by sending him with a small force on a suicidal attack against a heavily defended Chocula. Don himself openly hopes Caesar will be croaked in the near future on his increasingly dangerous missions.

Don King : Caesar Borgata