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Proposed Canon

First Appearance: TBFGK Epilogue 17

Dolls are animated, non-living units. Some have the appearance of mannequins, but other variants are known, as well. They are created by Dollamancy.

They can have a limited vocabulary. In addition to performing menial tasks such as serving food, they can also be used to fight.


A Thinkamancer/Dollamancer caster link can produce "real dolls" with some degree of independent life Hvs.tCF 165 and a g-string connection allowing the Thinkamancer to experience the doll's senses. However, the Great Minds want this to remain secret, and punish Thinkamancers who might reveal it.

A Thinkamancer can spend a full turn's worth of juice to take control of an enemy golem or doll and give it orders, but only for a few seconds at best. This is one of Thinkamancy's secret spells.Hvs.tCF_178


Generally the dolls of a side will not turn with their creator, and must be ordered to do so by their ruler. Shortly after Parson was ejected from Transylvito, Bill turned while linked with Charlie. Between them, they caused Transylvito's entire contingent of dolls and molls to also turn.

Known Users


A doll seems to be a specific type of golem, although it's not clear what the actual distinction is. To be classified as a "doll", perhaps there is a limit on the size, or the type of materials used.

Real World References

The doll kept by King Slately as a momento of Holly Shortcake is based on the Raggedy Ann doll.