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Proposed Canon

LIAB 63.jpg

First Appearance: LIAB 60

First Description: LIAB 63

The Dismiss Perfect Warlord spell is a scroll invented by Charlie and given to Parson by Jojo. It has the ability to banish a Perfect Warlord back to the world from whence they came. It was created by a caster link between a Carnymancer and a Weirdomancer.

It works by using Weirdomancy to unravel the binds keeping the Perfect Warlord in Erfworld, allowing the psychocosmic tension created by the Summon Perfect Warlord Spell to fling said warlord back home.

The Carnymancy in the spell breaks the rule that only casters can use scrolls. As a result, any unit holding the scroll will temporarily unlock caster sense, allowing them to see, understand, and cast the spell contained by the scroll.

In order for the spell to work, the target must want to go back, or else it must be cast by a Carnymancer.Hvs.tCF 266


The Dismiss Perfect Warlord Scroll is a scroll provided to Parson Gotti by Jojo during his passage through the Magic Kingdom. Jojo tells Parson that the scroll with return him to his proper dimension, but Parson does not use it at that time. Jojo gives him the scroll anyway telling him to look him up if he ever wants to leave Erfworld. Jojo's previous comments and the invitation to look him up imply that Jojo believes he needs to cast the scroll on Parson, but this could also be a ruse to prevent Parson from realizing he can cast scrolls. It comes out that the scroll is from Charlie which Charlie admits later in LIAB.

Later on Parson considers using it to escape the fire at Spacerock and starts using the Mathamancy Bracer to determine if he can cast it. The bracer gives an indefinite answer appearing to give a 98% chance of successfully using the scroll but then erasing it. Parson decides to read the scroll and gains instinctive knowledge that the scroll will break the Summoning Spell that brought him to Erfworld. He feels compelled to use it and actually starts the incantation, when a piece of burning plaster falls on him and knocks him out. The scroll survives the fire and Parson recovers it later.

Parson asks for a description of how the scroll works as part of the Declaration of Non-Aggression Between Charlescomm and Gobwin Knob.