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Hvs.tCF 42.jpg
King Dickie
Race: Men
Faction: Haggar
Class: Ruler
Rank and Titles: King
Special: Royal

Proposed Canon

First Mentioned: LIAB Text 7
First Appearance: Hvs.tCF 42

King Dickie is the current Ruler of Haggar. He is known to have loathed King Slately.

A man of few scruples, it was Dickie's plan to let Gobwin Knob and Jetstone fight it out, and then attack whoever won.

Despite his son being croaked by Gobwin Knob forces, Dickie considers Charlie to be more to blame for that. As such, he has been receptive to diplomatic overtures from Gobwin Knob.


Prince Sammy

Prince Sammy was King Dickie's only son.

The two didn't agree on much, but when Sammy heard Dickie's plan to ally with Jetstone in order to have a large force nearby to attack whoever won the Siege of Spacerock, he gained a great deal of respect for his father.

Real World References

The name Dickie and his crown refers to Dickies, the workwear brand.

His appearance and style of politics are a reference to President Richard Nixon. The name "Richard" is commonly shortened to "Dick".

Preceded by:
Ruler of Haggar Succeeded by:
None, incumbent