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Proposed Canon

Dhrystone is one of three Level Five Jetstone cities.

At level five, it can pop a stack of eight pikers or one of six stabbers per turn, or one Gump every third turn. Ossomer feels an deep emotional attachment to this city. He had expressed a hope that if he was ever forced to make a last stand for Jetstone, that it would occur at Dhrystone.Erf-b1.5-p040Same-site.PNG

Ace Hardware popped here.LIAB Text 30


"A sprawling stone citadel with an equally impressive garrison, its mossy gray ramparts rose up out of the dense pine forest with serene grace...

...tall, hard, chiseled, majestic, and quietly, implicitly violent."


Dhrystone, according to Ossomer, pops "the finest soldiers in Erfworld". This may mean that they begin at a higher starting level or have above-average stats for units of their type and level; assuming Ossomer's description wasn't just a romanticism.

Real-World References

The Dhrystone benchmark is used for measuring computer speed (which is itself a pun on the word "whetstone"), which is also referenced by Ossomer's opinion that Dhrystone soldiers are "the standard by which all others might be measured". Additionally, Drystone (without the 'h') refers to construction using cut or uncut rocks without mortar or cement, just fitting together.