Descriptive Table of Contents/Book5

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  1. Prologue 1: And now for something completely different.
    Byrne the Notist, Signamancer of Ünderclock, approaches their ally Generica and seeks an audience with their President, offering his services as payment for money owed.
  2. Prologue 2: A matter of taste.
    Byrne attempts to convince the Genericans that they need his help to improve their image, accidentally insulting the President's choice of décor in the process. An awakened tower rises as they do so however and appears to take Byrne's point to heart.
  3. Prologue 3: Eyes in the dark.
    Noah of Nestlý seeks knowledge from a special bird. It has brought word of a warlord.
  4. Prologue 4: Flocking Birds.
    Noah of Nestlý discovers he saved Fumo's life from the treacherous Punk Elves by asking his bird scout Warlords and Casters. However, he feels that Fumo's respite will be short lived.