Delphie Temple

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Delphie Temple
Race: Men
Faction: Goodminton
Class: Caster (Predictamancer)
Level: 5, Adept class

Proposed Canon

First Mentioned: IPTSF Text 1

First Appearance: IPTSF Text 2

Lady Delphie Temple was the Chief Predictamancer (Adept-class) of Goodminton at the time Wanda was popped.

Delphie was described as "a green eyed, zaftig woman, shorter than Wanda" with "gray-speckled black hair <...> curled up in tight locks". She used cosmetic Signamancy spells as make-up, probably of her own design. She wore a flowery violet tunic that emphasizes her assertive chest. She was one of the last to fall during the during the destruction of Goodminton, briefly surviving the death of Overlord Firebaugh.

Delphie left a hat and note to be found by a Warlord of Faq who would capture the city of Goodminton hundreds, if not thousands of turns after her own end.


Delphie seemed to be in relationship with Clay Dice and warned Wanda to stay away from him.

Delphie seemed to know that Wanda is a very important unit, which suggests that she may have been a member of the Predictamancer conspiracy, which seeks to use Wanda.

During their first meeting Wanda notices clear Signs that Delphie is in the state of personal decline. Perhaps this is a hint that Delphie has reluctantly decided to allow the destruction of her side in order to allow Wanda to achieve her Fate? She may have been forced to make this decision by her fellow Predictamancers.

Real World References

"Delphie Temple" may refer to Temple of Apollo in the city of Delphi in ancient Greece. Delphi and its temple was the site of the Delphic oracle, which was commonly believed to be able to predict the future.

Incidentally, priestesses of the temple who served as the oracle were known as pythias. The word "pythia" probably originates from Pytho - original name of Delphi, but it is also related to the verb, pythein ("to rot").

Preceded by:
Chief Caster of Goodminton Succeeded by:
Lady Wanda Firebaugh