Declaration of Non-Aggression Between Charlescomm and Gobwin Knob

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Proposed Canon

First Appearance: Hvs.tCF 30

The Declaration of Non-Aggression Between Charlescomm and Gobwin Knob is a contract for a temporary truce between Charlescomm and Gobwin Knob, and other considerations. The agreement was negotiated between Charlie and Parson following the Battle of Binding Arbitration between Faq and Gobwin Knob, led personally by their respective Rulers, Jillian and Stanley. Charlie contacted Parson to negotiate the truce in order to prevent Jillian from being croaked or captured, offering to pay for any damage done by Faq if Parson agreed, and threatening to croak Stanley otherwise. The contract was signed by Charlie and Parson on 79 AW.

Considerations and Obligations

  • Gobwin Knob:
    • 30 turns truce with Charlescomm.
    • 30 turns unilateral non-aggression against Faq, except in self-defense.
      • Even in cases of self-defense, no harm or destruction of Jillian specifically.
    • Non-disclosure of the details of the agreement, until 90 turns after its end.

The agreement also provides for the following penalties:

  • For breaching the truce: half of the breaching side's treasury, to a maximum of 5,000,000 or a minimum of 500,000 Shmuckers.
    • If unable to meet the 500,000 Shmucker minimum, an equivalent value in units and/or cities.
  • For violating non-disclosure: one city of the other side's choice.
  • For Charlescomm failing any of its special obligations: 500,000 Shmuckers or an equivalent value in units and/or cities.

Breaches and Penalties Paid

Text of the Contract

Declaration of Non-Aggression Between Sovereign Sides


This magically Signed agreement is designated as Charlescomm Document number 10143-1 (henceforth, "the agreement.")

The agreement stands in continuous effect for all principals, commanders, units under command, units under contract, natural allies and units under hire of all signatory sides or their colonies (if any) from the moment this agreement is Signed by all Parties until expiry or severance of the agreement.

Orders issued prior to the agreement by either Party may not cause any units or commanders to take actions to violate this agreement, without triggering Default.


Party of the first part, CHARLESCOMM (henceforth "CC"), a sovereign side under the rule of CHARLIE [aliases redacted], with capital city at time of Signing: CHARLESCOMM, at coordinates [ -1181, 550 MCS].

Signatory unit for CC shall be CHARLIE [aliases redacted], acting in capacity as Overlord.

Party of the second part, GOBWIN KNOB (henceforth "GK"), a sovereign side under the rule of STANLEY [aka STANLEY THE PLAID, STANLEY THE TOOL], with capital city at time of Signing: SPACEROCK, at coordinates [-1156, 398 MCS].

Signatory unit for GK shall be CHIEF PARSON GOTTI [aka LORD HAMSTER], (henceforth "PARSON"), acting in capacity as Chief Warlord as authorized by STANLEY.

Non-signatory party FAQ, a sovereign side under the rule of QUEEN JILLIAN BANHAMMER [aka JILLIAN ZAMUSSELS], (henceforth JILLIAN), with capital city at time of Signing: FAQ, at coordinates [-1252, 461 MCS].


I. This agreement is made in recognition of certain facts, namely:

a. of an ongoing armed conflict which threatens the interests and existence of numerous sides, including those of both Parties.
b. that both Parties have initiated hostile actions against the other's interests.
c. that both Parties have initiated hostile actions against the other directly.

This agreement does not attempt to end the broader conflict, nor indicate a permanent or open-ended treaty of peace between the Parties. It is a declaration of temporary truce between the Parties.

II. And whereas the Parties are resolved:

a. to act, to their mutual benefit, to cease and prevent all hostile actions by each Party against the other for a period of thirty (30) full turns following the Signing of this agreement.
b. that while the agreement is in effect, GK unilaterally extends similar consideration to cease and prevent hostile actions toward FAQ, excepting in the case of new and further aggression by FAQ against GK, in which case GK may take reasonable actions to defend its interest.
c. that in addition to the cessation of hostilities, CC agrees to provide certain considerations to GK in remuneration for damages caused by CC and its agents, in exchange for GK's assent to this agreement.
d. that the Parties shall be bound to certain Penalties for breach of the agreement, enforced automagically by the agreement's Signamancy.


Here Begin the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement

Part I - Terms of Truce

While the agreement is in effect:

a. Neither Party shall attempt to cause, either directly or through agents or other contracted parties, any material harm to the units, cities, property, or other assets of the other Party.

b. GK agrees not to attempt to cause harm by any means to the units, allies, property or material interests of FAQ, except in the event that GK interests are physically attacked or threatened by FAQ. Even in the event of such provocation, GK shall not cause bodily harm to, or destruction of, JILLIAN, by any means, directly or indirectly. Failure to abide by this clause shall trigger full default of the agreement.

c. Neither Party shall employ its units or agents to attempt to invade, occupy, or render useless the geographical territories and cities held by the other Party, including all hexes within six hexes of cities held by the other Party. Exceptions are to be made for units located in such territory at the time the agreement is Signed. Said units must withdraw to neutral territory within three (3) turns or be in breach of the agreement.

Part II - Special Considerations and Compensation

a. CC agrees to immediately, upon Signing of the agreement by both parties, remit the sum of 227,800 Shmuckers directly from CC's treasury to the treasury of GK. This shall constitute payment in full for all damages inflicted upon GK by CC prior to the Signing of the agreement.

b. CC agrees to secure, by whatever means necessary, the timely release of all twenty-one (21) GK prisoners currently in the custody of FAQ. Failure to release these prisoners safely to GK territory within three (3) turns of the Signing of the agreement shall constitute default of the agreement by CC.

c. CC agrees to render void all prior agreements with GK, without regard to outstanding debts and obligations which may remain under those agreements.

d. CC agrees to provide GK, within three (3) turns, a full accounting for the origins and purpose for the SPELL in GK's possession, which was offered to PARSON via certain agents of CC. This accounting must be complete and accurate by all reasonable standards, to the best of CC's own understanding and knowledge.

Part III - Confidentiality and Disclosure

While the agreement is in effect, and for a span of ninety (90) turns following its termination or expiry:

a. the existence and duration of a pact of non-aggression between the Parties may be freely disclosed by either Parties to any and all parties of their choosing.

b. neither Party may disclose the details, conditions, or terms of the agreement, in whole or in part, to any unit not of that Party's own side, nor may they copy or transmit these terms and conditions in writing, by any means.

Proscriptive magical enforcement of confidentiality is not applied to the agreement, but breach of this Part by either Party shall automagically incur a penalty.

Part IV - Span of Effect

The agreement shall remain in continuous effect across all turns, of all sides, in all locations, from the moment it is Signed by all Parties, until such time as all Parties have experienced thirty (30) complete nights, and any Party has begun its turn. The span of effect may not be delayed, interrupted, increased, truncated, or otherwise altered, except by mutual consent of the Parties in a separate agreement or Signed amendment.

Part V - Breach, Default and Enforcement

The Parties agree to be bound by the universal principles, forces, actions and consequences of Signamancy, whereby the inherent magic of the agreement shall serve as the sole mechanism for detecting, determining, and penalizing a breach or default of the agreement's terms.

Parties should be clear on both the wording and the intent of the agreement as to their particular obligations and restrictions at the time of Signing, as these shall constitute the basis upon which a breach is automagically adjudged.

Part VI - Penalties and Remedies

The Parties agree upon the following penalties for breach and/or default of the agreement.

1. Breach of Truce

The penalty for general breach of Section 4 - Part I "Terms of Truce" shall consist of an immediate transfer of one half of the entire treasury of the Party which committed the breach to the treasury of the other Party, or the sum of five million (5,000,000) Shmuckers, whichever is the lesser. The minimum penalty for breach of Section 4 - Part[1] shall be five hundred thousand (500,000). Should the Party responsible for this breach be unable to meet the minimum penalty from its treasury, an equivalent value in units and/or cities shall be transferred automagically to the other Party.

2. Default of Obligations

The penalty for default of any obligation by CC under Section 4 - Part II "Special Considerations and Compensation" shall consist of an immediate transfer of five hundred thousand (500,000) Shmuckers from the treasury of CC to the treasury of GK. Should CC be without means to comply with this penalty, an equivalent value in units and/or cities shall be transferred from CC to GK automagically.

3. Default of Confidentiality

The penalty for general breach of confidentiality under Section 4 - Part III "Confidentiality and Disclosure" shall consist of the transfer of one (1) city from the Party which committed the breach to the other Party. The choice of city is left to the compliant party.

4. Remedies

In the event that a breach or default of the agreement seems unavoidable or desirable, either Party may propose an alternative remedy. If both signatory units are in full agreement, then the remedy may be adopted in place of a penalty, by means of an amendment to the agreement.

Part VII - Severability

The Parties agree that breach or default of any part of the agreement shall not constitute a termination of the entirety of the agreement. Obligations, restrictions and penalties shall remain in place for the duration of the agreement, even in the event of a breach or default of one or more of its parts.

Part VIII - Transferability

1. The agreement stands between the Parties and remains in effect so long as those Parties remain viable sides, including in the event of loss or transfer of capital city, loss of all cities without loss of ruler, and loss of ruler where an heir becomes ruler.

2. Should either Party be defeated utterly, or subsumed into the empire of an outside party but remain a colony, then the agreement is rendered void and the conquering side or empire shall not be bound by the terms of the agreement.

3. Neither Party may transfer their obligations or restrictions under the agreement to another party, under any circumstances, including prior agreements made by either Party.

4. Except as previously noted, the agreement does not extend to sides which are not a Party to this agreement.

Part IX - Entirety of Agreement

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to its subject matter and constitutes and supersedes all prior agreements, representations and understandings of the parties, written or oral.

Part X - Actions Not Considered

Whereas, the Parties recognize the other as a sovereign side, the agreement shall not consider the actions of trade, alliance, diplomacy, or any agreements with other parties with regard to their effect on the other Party under the terms of the agreement, except as previously noted.

Part XI - Authorized Signatures

THUS the agreement is activated and executed by the will of the Parties:

Charlie (signature)
Charlie, Overlord, for CHARLESCOMM

Parson A. Gotti (signature)
Parson Gotti, Chief Warlord, for GOBWIN KNOB


  1. ^ The part number is missing here, but it is assumed this is still in reference to Section 4 - Part I.