Deal of a Lifetime

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Proposed Canon

The Deal of a Lifetime was a magical contract created in a caster link between Charlie and Brother Labeler of Faq. It combined Brother Labeler's Signamancy and Charlie's Carnymancy/Thinkamancy to make the contract unbreakable, and it forced those in the court of Faq who signed to stay silent about Charlie's secrets learned from Wanda Firebaugh and Olive Branch during the latter's trial.[1] It also forced Charlie to keep Faq's location and existence secret, to never invade them, and to aid them in retaking their home three cities. Thinking of or attempting to tell anyone about the classified information caused headaches and physical pain, and somehow forced them to stay silent as well.

It was later amended when Jillian Zamussels demanded Charlie's reserve of Heroine buds be destroyed, and he help cure Wanda and herself of their addiction to the buds.[2]

The deal was specifically designed to last for the signer's entire lifetime. So when Jack Snipe was croaked and decrypted he was free from the deal.[3]

The deal had a loophole where Sister Betsy Murgatroyd and Charlie were able to destroy memories and ideas in Jillian's mind.[4]





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Real World References

"Deal of a Lifetime" is a common phrase used in advertising to mean that a deal is so rare and good for the buyer it will come along only once.

It may also be a reference to the movie Deal of a Lifetime.