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King Dairious I
Faction: Cheeseburg
Class: Ruler (King)
Special: Leadership, Royal

Proposed Canon

First Mentioned: Hvs.tCF 44

King Dairious I founded the Side of the unfortunately named Cheeseburg. He was the son of Ambien, Queen of Unisom. His son, Alvin, founded the Side of Woodshole.

According to Erfworld history, he belongs to the third generation of Kings and Queens of Erfworld and his grandmother, Queen Lunesta, was created by the Titans.


His decision to name the side he founded after a substance that is forced out of a cow's udders and left to rot, may suggest he had a difficult relationship with his mother and/or his popside.

Real World References

Dairious I may be a corruption of Darius I, King of Persia.

Preceded by:
None, founded Side
Ruler of Cheeseburg Succeeded by: