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Lord Crush respected King Scrofula, thinking him a very merry king who trusted him a great deal. He sent the king a letter of condolence when Racket died. Scrofula took it to heart, rereading it many times. Combined with Racket's good opinion of Crush, his tactical prowess and Scrofula's lack of faith in Axe's, Scrofula decided to try and convince Crush to turn to Squashcourt and help fight the Union. Crush's sympathy for the king quickly vanished when he was asked to betray the union. He came to see the king as stupid and his plan as evil. He tried to convince the king to stop his plan, and despite initial refusal the king continued to hold him in high esteem. Crush was treated with deference and "jailed" in the library, Scrofula would try repeatedly to sway him with offers of leniency for him and his mother Queen Post to no avail. The royal esteem quickly ran out in the face of Crush's and Dunkin's "betrayal", to the point he was sent to the worst prison cell.

Lord Crush : Scrofula