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A truly crushing blow.

Proposed Canon

A Crit, or critical hit is a part of combat when one unit hits another in a way that causes them to croak in a single blow.

Opposite of a critical fumble.

Critical hits are often described or shown as being either overwhelmingly physically damaging or incredibly precise. For example, one of Captain Joseph Forecastle's first Crits resulted from him slicing a harpooner open from the man’s belly all the way across his abdomen in one wild swing WB2014 Duke Forecastle - Part 13. Duchess Artemis in turn croaked a decrypted Red dwagon by shooting an arrow into its brain through a nostril.LIAB Text 52


A Luckamancer may be able to give better or worse odds in determining a crit for single and multiple levels. This is alluded to by Clay Dice but not fully confirmed or explained.

Experience needed

A crit increases in difficulty depending on a units level. A very low level unit would find it impossible to get a crit on a very high level unit, but a high level would find a crit on a low level unit easy.LIAB Text 51

Other effects

Once a unit has been croaked by a crit it also seems to affect the method a Croakamancer has to use to produce the desire effect when focusing on producing a longer lasting uncroaked unit.IPTSF Text 18