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Proposed Canon

Crew is a is a group of units who are needed to use certain, special items. These items include vehicles like Ships and engines like Siege Towers.

Crew pops together with the item that they use, but can be separated and combined freely. Some units are not good at crewing certain items, (non-Seafarers in ships, non-Diggers in siege towers) but they can be nevertheless used as the crew. Extra crew can be popped separately but extra items must be constructed.

In the case of ships, there is an optimum crew size depending on the size of the ship. Being over or under that optimum can lower its move and Beam weapon strength.

Items With Crews


  • Not explicitly stated as an item, but can be inferred from the examples of ballista and siege tower.


  • Can be constructed. Crew size unknown.

Fireball Catapult

Siege Tower


  • Crew size depends on the Ship type. Ship's crew is ideally made only of Seafarers, they can also transport units as passengers.
  • Separately popped Seafarer Warlords as the captain and the first mate.
  • Ensigns as advanced seafarer crew: the navigator and helmsmen. Can possibly act also as the captain or the first mate.
  • Harpooners, riggers, runners and sailors as basic seafarer crew.