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Proposed Canon

First Appearance: TBFGK 89:6

First Mentioned by name: Hvs.tCF 99

Comm Tower is the tower of the city of Charlescomm. The tower is topped by the ominous Arkendish.

The tower has many floors, with the lower floors requiring special clearance for the staff (Archons) to enter.

Signamancy inside the tower can be considered unusual. The ornamentation on the enameled steel walls and ceilings involves stylized lines and circles. The lighning is provided by the glowing lines and dots within the circles. Some of the circles are Dirtamancy emplacements for putting out fires. When a pair of glowing circles is situated exactly opposite one another, then a unit which stepped between them would take Shockmancy damage.Erf-b3-p104Same-site.PNG

The city's portal is of course located on the lowest, 40th floor. It is separated from the rest of the tower and is inside the Portal Vault — a reinforced fortress-like structure with multiple traps of various kinds all aimed invards (most of them — for incapacitation). The portal chamber itself is a dome behind several access doors. The Vault is manned by an AAA-class commanding archon, 2 AA-class and 8 A-class archons. Weaponry available there includes Tripod Mounts CC-M3.

Charlie can connect to the Arkiendish either at Storybro station on the 38th floor or at Topstation on some of the floors closest to the 'dish. These two stations are connected by Boltshaft Prime — a vertical steel-plated shaft through the tower.Erf-b3-p115Same-site.PNG Both these stations, the mechanisms in them, something called RKO (most likely the antenna) and the shockmancy wiring powering the tower were created by Ivan Poe, based on Charlie's strange imagination and his Carnymancy.Erf-b3-p267Same-site.PNG

The chamber, where Charlie was dissecting Lilith's mind was on 36th floor. That floor also features an armory with rain-ments, grenades, rifles, pistols, RPGs, Either-nets and ammo, although this might not be the only armory in the tower.Erf-b3-p102Same-site.PNG

Using a Thinking Alike state between the Great Minds, Ivan Poe, and Claud Gauntlet, they awoke the tower into a sapient entity, alike to Jed. It took the name ShirleyErf-b3-p281Same-site.PNG

Real World References

Comm tower is, well, a tall structure designed to support antennas for telecommunications and broadcasting, including radio and television.

RKO is likely a reference to RKO Pictures and/or RKO Radio Network, one of the first commercial radio networks to distribute programming entirely by satellite.