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Proposed Canon

First Appearance: Hvs.tCF 139

Collide-o-scope is a spell consisting mostly of Foolamancy and some Thinkamancy. It disorients targets, preventing them from engaging or even intentionally approaching a destination.

This spell is widely regarded as OP. Both the spell itself and the Great Minds' ability to cast this on a massive scale were among their secrets, until they used it to end the Battle of Portal Park. Ironically, it was the prospect of Parson Gotti escaping into a random portal that brought the Minds to achieve consensus on casting the spell, but Parson was able to get to the Transylvitian portal in spite of its effects. It did, however, result in the capture of Wanda and other Gobwin Knob units in the Magic Kingdom, who otherwise most likely would all have been killed by the mob.

Real World References

This spell is a pun on Kaleidoscopes.