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Old King Coal
Race: Men
Tribe: Jetstone
Faction: Jetstone
Class: Ruler (King)
Special: Leadership, Royal

Proposed Canon

First Mentioned: Hvs.tCF 44

Old King Coal founded the Side of Jetstone. He was the son of Meganite, Queen of Swanstone.

According to Erfworld history, he belongs to the ninth generation of Kings and Queens of Erfworld and by the Book of Fats his great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, Queen Lunesta, was created by the Titans.

Real World References

Coal is a type of black, combustible rock formed from fossilized carbon. Jet is a black gemstone and a type of lignite, a precursor to coal. Also, old King Coal is rumored to possess a merry old soul.

Preceded by:
None, founded Side
Ruler of Jetstone Succeeded by:
Unknown, eventually Flintlock the Voluble