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Proposed Canon

Cleansing is a natural form of DirtamancyWB2014 Digdoug - Episode 5 that cleans a unit, making "manual" methods (such as baths or showers) unnecessary.TBFGK 37 Cleansing happens at the start of a Side's turn, and affects both a unit and their raiment, including things beyond simple cleaning, such as shaving (for male units) and repairing damage to raiment.LIAB Prologue 4

As a natural form of Dirtamancy, Dirtamancers can use juice to cleanse themselves or others.


Cleansing happens at the start of turn, along with healing any lost hits, restoration of move, and the poping of rations. It's unclear if these are separate mechanics, or all aspects of the same thing. It's possible that all of these events happen courtesy of a Ruler (or Barbarian) paying a unit's upkeep.