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Proposed Canon

Commanders may claim a city that is not currently controlled by any Side.TBFGK_78 This act places the city under the command of the commander's Ruler. All enemies inside the city's Garrison must be croaked or captured for it to be claimed. Enemy units in the airspace or outer walls do not count.IPTSF_Text_64

Barbarian warlords or casters can create a new side by claimingTBFGK_78 or rebuildingTBFGK_99 a city on a Capital Site. In these cases there must be no units from another side in the city, not even friendly ones. Parson couldn't go barbarian and claim Spacerock to found a new side because it was already controlled by Stanley, and there were Dwagons loyal to him inside the garrison.LIAB_108

It has been shown that any commander can claim a Capital site and found a new side. This was the case for Overlord Lex Doothis, who founded Haffaton by discovering its unclaimed capital site. Due to having Loyalty to the side that Popped them, this could be a way for an Empire to create a number of puppet sides. Governor Joseph Forecastle founded the Colony of Eagle Keys, loyal to his popping side Seaworld.


Uncroaked cannot start new sides by claiming a capital side. Decrypted, however, might be able to.