City of Jetstone

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City of Jetstone
Capital City
Side: Jetstone

Proposed Canon

City of Jetstone was the original capital site of the Jetstone side. Despite Jetstone (the side)'s ability to defeat Spacerock (the side) by conquering Spacerock (the city), Jetstone (the city) paled in comparison the the opulence and grandeur of Spacerock (the city), thus prompting Jetstone (the side) to move its capital to Spacerock (the city).

The city's tower is located in the part called Palace Hill.Hvs.tCF 76


Jetstone could be the 3rd level 5 city in the side, and Spacerock was just more appealing, or perhaps it is lower level and they just didn't bother to upgrade it. At any rate, it's probably at least level 3 or 4.

The prominent appearance of the Royal Radish seems to suggest upgrading via Rulers Order rather than Dirtamancer. Had Spacerock (the side) owned a Dirtamancer before their fall; may explain why Spacerock was preferred as the capital site.