City of Homekey

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City of Homekey
Capital City
Side: Homekey

Proposed Canon

The City of Homekey is the Capital of Homekey. As a city, it was designed directly by King Posbrake.

It features gleaming glass, indoor gardens, and orchard trees.


The City of Homekey is adjacent to the Backslush, the hexwide river that separates the sides of Homekey and Delkey.


Notable features of the city include:

  • A palace of gleaming glass and functional floor design.
  • The Space, an architectural "hiccup" used as an off hours bar and pub by Homekey units.
  • Feast Hall/Banquet Hall
  • The Long Table, a meeting room for the King, his staff and visiting dignitaries.
  • The Tower is the most fortified point against air assault of all Homekey, second only to Weatherbug.
  • A Library.
  • An glass roofed atrium. Inside it there are rows of vegetable gardens and fruit trees, including apples, plums, and cabbages,

Unit Production

The city of Homekey can pop the following Units, and is unique in its side for being the only one able to:


Considering King Posbrake's "playing wide" strategy, the city of Homekey may be the only one in the entire side which is level 4 or higher.

The indoor gardens and orchards may give the city the Farm special and lower the Upkeep of garrisoned units.