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Proposed Canon

Goodminton was the Capital site of the Side known as Goodminton. After Goodminton's destruction it was held by the Sides of Haffaton and Faq before being destroyed.

Goodminton Era

Goodminton was a squat Level 4 citadel of barrel turrets and square towers, perched atop a sizable hill in the shadow of craggy mountains. Most of the surrounding hills were blanketed in snow, which fell in perpetuity from permanent cloud banks, but the city streets were bone dry. A frigid wind was the only weather the capital had to endure.

Minnow Tower earned the designation “tower” by being a somewhat taller gray rectangle than those that comprised the rest of the Garrison. This Tower was greatly increased in size by the use of Dirtamancy during a Capital fight.

Haffaton/Faq Era

In this era the grey stone city stood all but abandoned, a huge, empty, mess. It was a Level 2. It stood squat and unprotected from the air, with mostly barrel turrets and heavy walls built for repelling a ground attack. The square stone, mid-height tower looked respectable, but seemed to have been a strategic afterthought.

No defenders stood on the thick walls. Signs of a battle were everywhere: anti-siege left in states of depletion, both gates smashed and torn, wagons in the streets without draft animals to pull them.

The City held little of value, only maps and a message from a Caster long dead.

Jillian sacked it during her flight from Haffaton.IPTSF Text 48


When the Minnow Tower was boosted in size, the City's Level may also have increased.

Real-World References

Goodminton it is said, is a variant of the game of Badminton.