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Capital City
Side: Transylvito
Level: 4
Coordinates: [-1252, 461 MCS]

Proposed Canon

The city of Faq is a level four capital site controlled by Transylvito. It was once the capital of the Kingdom of Faq under its Ruler, Queen Jillian. The city has been controlled by two incarnations of the side of Faq, as well the side of Haffaton and was briefly held by Gobwin Knob.

Its previous ruler was King Banhammer; it is unknown what size the city was then.

Old Faq

Old city of Faq was described (by Jillian Zamussels) as elegant and snooty, it had green terraces with carefully tended gardens, shining fountains, and ponds full of fish. It's outer walls were unnecessarily high for a city protected from most ground attacks and Abe Pagoda[1] -the city's tower- was squat and didn't give a decent boost for casters.IPTSF Text 30

The old city was primarily protected by secrecy and foolamancy. However, it was captured by an army lead by Lady Wanda Firebaugh during the Faq-Haffaton war, being recaptured by Faq after Haffaton was destroyed. The city was later sacked along with the Kingdom by Wanda and her uncroaked. They were working in cooperation with Stanley the Plaid, later known as Stanley the Tool, as the result of a failed plot to assassinate him. The city subsequently lay in ruins for hundreds of turns.

New Faq

With the aid of Transylvito, the city was rebuilt, the Kingdom of Faq was restored, and Queen Jillian reluctantly claimed the throne.

Faq, now a solid Level Four, is circular, sharp, and shining. The outer walls look impressive from a distance. But they were an afterthought, worse against a siege than Transylvito's. They consist of a ring of stone teeth with a reflective coating of tin, inward-curving towers that terminate in sharp points, connected by a web of steel piping and sheeting. There is no gate.

Inside, the whole city is geared up to defend against attack from above. Towers and buildings all have spiked metallic domes for rooves, looking like a forest of war mushrooms.

At the center of the garrison rises the Spiteful Tower. It is shaped something like a white marble palm tree. The trunk is a twist of six massive columns, tapering slightly as they reach straight upward. The top of the tower is a miniature fortress, a bristle of glass and hard spikes, with ledges and platforms where many dozens of flyers can land, or hundreds of defenders can lurk.

The inside of the tower is all business. A crooked maze of corridors, narrow hallways of buff-colored marble, lead to the Grand Chamber, the city's Throne and War room that also serves as a Gwiffon landing pad. The jagged, twisted passages surrounding the chamber, with their intentional dead ends and traps, are meant to confuse an invader.

The new city has been conquered by Transylvito.

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