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Proposed Canon

City manager is a special post that can be given to a Warlord or a Courtier.LIAB Text 16

Having a city managed lowers the costs of city improvement and production of extra equipment and provisions. It also increases the amount of Shmuckers the city produces, and reduces the upkeep for units which spent the entire turn in the city.LIAB Prologue 14 City managers (and units with the fabrication special) can also keep basic emplacements and traps operating indefinitely.WB2014 Digdoug - Episode 20


Title of the city managers seems to change from side to side. It is not known if the title depends on the type of the side or the amount of respect the position holds, for example Transylvito uses City management posts as a reward for warlords LIAB Text 16 while Jetstone uses them as a punishment LIAB Text 55