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Proposed Canon

Dark and bittersweet, much like Goodminton's Fate.

Chocolate is a beverage enjoyed by the cold northern "Winter Dominions" in Erfworld. It was the beverage of choice in Goodminton; the side's Overlord, Casters, and Warlords enjoyed drinking it as much as Royal sides take Tea. After Wanda Firebaugh of Goodminton was captured by Haffaton, the capturing side adopted it alongside Tea.

Unlike Tea, Chocolate isn't as ceremonial or prone to Royalist overtones. It can however be shared in posh silver or porcelain service trays.[1][2] Also unlike tea, it seems to be very rare outside of northern sides. When Jillian, a very travelled mercenary, was offered chocolate by a Haffaton warlord she didn't know what it might be.[3]

Chocolate is similar to wine and tea in that it can be drunk socially. It was often shared by members of Goodminton's ruling family: Overlord Firebaugh, Tommy, and Wanda. It's unknown if Chocolate has to be farmed or harvested like Coffee in cities near special terrain and shipped inland.[4]


All northern sides are popped by the Titans with a preference for Chocolate.

Haffaton adopted chocolate after Wanda was captured, probably due to her influence and preference for it. She probably converted Overlady Judy Gale unintentionally, who spread it to the rest of the side. It's interesting that two non-royal sides had such a strong preference for it.


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