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Proposed Canon

The Chief of Staff is a Courtier who manages the palace staff in service of their ruler. Like the Chief Warlord or Chief Caster, the Chief of Staff can issue orders under their authority with the weight of Natural Thinkamancy that compels units to obey. Their authority seems able to extend past other courtiers and non-combat units. For example, Homekey's Chief of Staff, Bucky Bits, was able to order the caster Digdoug Mole not to reveal his orders when asked, even by a Warlord.

The Chief of Staff handles personnel, records keeping, organization of some of the side's resources, and keeps the budget.

Known Chiefs of Staff


Chief of Staff is not an actual, mechanically enforced position by the rules of Erfworld, but a wholecloth creation of King Posbrake to help him rule more efficiently.

Real World References

The Chief of Staff is a position in many organizations, most famously the White House Chief of Staff.