Cheri Maraschino

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Cheri Maraschino
Race: Transylvito Vampire
Faction: Transylvito
Class: Warlord
Rank and Titles: Countess
Level: 4

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: LIAB 34

Name revealed: Hvs.tCF 147

Cheri Maraschino is a Transylvito Vampire and one of the side's warlords. As the senior warlord popped in the city of Spatula, she is the Countess Spatula. She is currently level 4. Erf-b3-p307Same-site.PNG Parson described her as "a snotty-looking vampire-looking warlady in a biker jacket and a denim skirt." Erf-b3-p145Same-site.PNG

She attended Don King's party during the Siege of Spacerock, Erf-b2-pT3Same-site.PNG and joined Caesar Borgata and her fellow warlords in advising Benjamin to refuse Don's order to loan Jetstone the funds to promote Tramennis to heir. Erf-b2-p59Same-site.PNG She was present at Transylvito when Parson fled the Magic Kingdom and handled imprisoning him, Jack and Maggie, and was also present when Don, Benjamin, and Caesar discussed what to do with their new prisoners. Erf-b3-p147Same-site.PNG She attended the Royal banquet welcoming Vanna to Transylvito. Erf-b3-p158Same-site.PNG


She appears to be attracted to Caesar, as she glared at Dewy Tulips for being his chosen partner at the Siege of Spacerock party and later stood "a little too close" to him during the debriefing over Parson's imprisonment. It is unclear if Caesar has reciprocated her affections in the name of keeping his relationship with Bunny secret.

Real World References

"Cheri" is a word meaning "cherished" or "beloved" in French.

Her full name is a reference to the maraschino cherry.