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Parson wearing the suit of Mork from Ork while speaking to Charlie, from page Page 88


The day after his failure to protect the dwagons involved in the raids on the siege train, Parson has little to work with. Stanley has begun the day by giving all Units orders to either attend him or return to Gobwin Knob, preventing Parson from using any Units offensively. Parson decides to do the only things he can: he decides to play mindgames with the enemy.


The plan required the following resources:

  • a Thinkamancer, Maggie, to form the link and ensure Charlie did not attempt to influence Parson's mind

The Plan

Parson plans to approach Charlie, the Ruler of Charlescomm via Thinkagram first. Parson's goal is to convince Charlie to switch sides, and fight against the Royal Crown Coalition. To achieve this, Parson intends to offer the services of his Mathamancy Bracer.

Charlie declines Parson's offer, but he does indicate that he would like to work with Parson in the future. He finds Parson interesting.

Following a failed assault by coalition air forces against the Tower in an attempt to capture Wanda, Charlie contacts Parson with a counter offer. Charlie is intended to join Transylvito forces for an ambush on Stanley, who is presumably headed for Jillian's home cities of vanished Faq to start a new side. In exchange for 12 Mathamancy calculations, Charlie would make an offer to Transylvito that they could not accept, leaving the ambush with insufficient forces to destroy Stanley.


Stanley survives the ambush, and finds himself returning to Gobwin Knob, but clearly the added magic of the Archons could have tipped the balance. Charlie was correct in thinking the forces of the ambush were insufficient without him.

Charlie uses two of his calculations immediately, the first to determine if fourteen Archons could capture the Garrison (which was negative), and the second was to determine exactly how many Archons it would take. The next day approximately 30 Archons take up residence in Gobwin Knob's Airspace.

Charlie develops an intense interest in Parson as a result of the conversation, to the point that he later attempts to ensure Parson's survival by making a term in his contract with the Royal Crown Coalition. Charlie will also attempt to convince Parson to escape the coming onslaught by providing an aerial escape. Parson will politely decline.

Parson is able to use this deal to prevent Wanda from going on a rescue mission to save Stanley from the ambush. This gives Parson access to her magic and effects for that day's battle, which would turn out to be the end of the fighting for Gobwin Knob.

Charlie's counter-offer comes in the form of a Eyebook communication, revealing that he could participate in the communications of these Magic Items. The full extent of what Charlie could do (ie. read other people's conversations), is never determined by Parson. It should be noted that Parson never uses the Eyebooks to communicate during the remainder of the Battle for Gobwin Knob, probably because the Eyebooks are clearly compromised. He does, however, continue to use the Klog feature.