Charlie-Wanda Relationship

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Wanda's attunement to the Arkenpliers poses a very serious threat to Charlie's existence. As long as War is simply a matter of different sides competing for economic resources, then most Royals will not hesitate to hire a non-royal Mercenary like Charlie, if it seems profitable to do so. But by allowing Ansom to spread the idea that there is an inherent ideological conflict between Royals and Units attuned to the Arkentools, Wanda damaged Charlie's ability to persuade Royals to hire him.

Charlie's primary objective at the Assault on Jetstone was to have Wanda croaked, in order to discredit Toolism. Jillian informed Charlie that Wanda does not hate him and would probably even be willing to work for him. But Charlie, realizing that Wanda's Fate threatens his own, remains determined to croak her at all costs.

Charlie : Wanda