Charlie-Tramennis Relationship

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Charlie sees Tramennis as someone he could potentially work with. He gave Tramennis most of the information he has on Parson for free, and offered a sufficiently large reward for croaking or capturing the Archons who were decrypted to allow Tramennis to become Jetstone's heir. By doing this he changed the objective of the battle to the recovery of a decrypted archon (benefiting him) as a means to allowing the side to survive in a form that he would find most useful as an ally.

Tramennis later expresses distrust of Charlie, who ends up spending a calculation for the sake of a report to Tramennis that he hopes will convince Tramennis to continue the alliance. Tramennis believes that Lilith knew that Jetstone could never protect her for Charlie as Charlie always gets what he wants in the end. He believes that Charlie is willing to tear Lilith apart to figure what makes her loyal to the Pliers and not the Dish. He is pessimistic about Charlie’s willingness to put her back together after the process and seems disgusted by this notion.

Charlie : Tramennis