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Magic 101
Natural Magic, Caster, Caster link, Juice, Scroll, Magic Item, Spell, Grandiocosmic Strings, H-strings, Channels, Nodes, Dictums
Caster proficiency: NoviceAdeptMaster

Proposed Canon

Channels refer to the different paths, through which different Thinkamancy information is transmitted and recieved. Different channels can be assigned to different purposes and they are somehow related to g-strings. Some channels are said to be "extrauniverse".

Examples of Channels


Charlie's use of the term channel might tie into innate powers of the Arkendish — allowing him to keep permanently saved "frequencies" of Thinkamancy channels that he can easily switch to and, if his connection to the Arkendish is fully powered with Shockmancy, record, etc.

Charle has mentioned that the Arkendish can potentially offer access to extra universe channels. It is possible that these channels are the basis of Signamancy, drawing data from different variations of Stupidworld throughout the multiverse to represent things in Erfworld. It is also possible that these channels are the source of Charlie's otherworldly knowledge.

Real World References

See the Channel Wikipedia article.