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This page seems cluttered with all the comic pages, when in my opinion they're not a very serious priority. There is an archive for the comics on the main site, do we really need pages with the text of the comics copied as an article? I would like to see all those pages have the Needs Improvement tag removed, so serious pages get the attention. --0beron

I like the transcribed comics pages. They allow for annotation, explaining the side references that are so present in Erfworld (did you know McSorley was a famous "dirty" player?), and they allow searching (what episodes did Sylvia appear in before being decrypted?). --GRuban 11:20, 28 January 2012 (EST)

All great points that I agree on now that you mention them...but I still feel the Needs Improvement Page is cluttered by listing each of these independently. I'm considering creating a new category just for them, so they still get the attention they need. If it doesn't work then it'd be easy for me to switch them back to Needs Improvement, so I may look into doing that this weekend --0beron 31 January 2012