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Proposed Canon

Carpool is a side in an ongoing conflict with Transylvito. Carpool's residents are called Carpudlians.

For a long time, Transylvito acquired shmuckers by operating shakedown rackets against other sides. They would often threaten the city of Carport, forcing the Carpudlians to pay them not to sack it. But now that Transylvito has exhausted its treasury in the War of the Arkentools by propping up Faq and Jetstone, they no longer have the resources to push other sides around. As a result, Transylvito's many enemies, including Carpool, are starting to fight back. Carpool is presently holding Transylvito units hostage for ransom.

Carpudlian Cities



King Slately of Jetstone and/or Don King of Transylvito may have warned them of Stanley and tried to persuade them to join the Royal Crown Coalition. But they evidently do not see Gobwin Knob as a really serious threat, and so have chosen to attack their traditional enemies in Transylvito.

Parson has been contemplating the notion of opening up diplomacy with other non-Royal sides. Since Gobwin Knob and Carpool share mutual enemies, it is entirely possible that they will in fact ally with Gobwin Knob.

They may have a Foolamancer.

Real World References

Carpudlian is to Liverpudlian as Carpool is to Liverpool (England).

It is also likely a reference to the Carpathian mountains, a range which forms the boundary of Transylvania within Romania, and historically a notoriously troublesome region.