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Instead of croaking an enemy, a Unit can attempt to capture it. A Unit that is captured is in the possession of the capturing Side as a Prisoner.

When a city falls, all remaining garrison units are automatically captured, with shackles popping onto them.

Prisoners may be held in the Dungeon, either to prevent flight or to separate them from each other so they may be worked on to induce turning.

A captured Unit takes Turn with the Side that captured it.WoT-2786759 A Unit's upkeep is paid by the capturing Side, and so the food tends to be lower quality.

A Unit able to evade it's captors and leave the Hex where it is being held prisoner becomes a Fugitive.

Special: Capture

Some Units have a special ability called Capture. For example Double eagle has the following description:

Special: Capture - capacity: 1, transport: 0

This means that the Double eagle can take one prisoner, but can't transport it outside the hex.WB2014 Duke Forecastle - Part 8 Units with Capture can capture units from their own side as well.WB2014 Duke Forecastle - Part 15


Capturing for intent of forcing a Unit to change Sides is generally reserved for Casters, who are rare and valuable, and not Warlords, whose duty and loyalty make them unlikely to join their captors. Warlords and basic troops may be captured for interrogation purposes, ransom, or some other reason. Presumably, Rulers cannot Disband their units if they have been captured by another side, since this would make preventing interrogation or conversion relatively simple and thus make capture pointless.

Known Captives